Countdown to Christmas

It's Christmas Eve tomorrow!
I'm totally into the Christmas spirit and I loooove this time of the year so much!

It's the same routine every year but it's still special to me.
Dinner with the whole family, praying around the Advent wreath, handing out of presents, sitting together, going to the church - and after all that - falling asleep happy like a little child <3

Last Sunday we've been to a small and cute Christmas market near Salzburg.

I took some pics at dusk - the "blue hour" - perfect time to took pictures!

The lights of Salzburg

And for those of you who are into the Christmas spirit like me - did you get all gifts for your loves? Are you ready with wrapping or decorating your homes for Christmas?

Today I decorated the Christmas tree - pictures following soon :)

Merry Christmas everyone!!
xoxo, Maria

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