" dream-lashes "

There's something special in my vanity bag I want to share with all of you because it's truly a miracle cure:

M2 Beauté - M2 Lashes Serum

I'm using it for 18 month and I don't want to miss it.
My lashes are longer, thicker and have multiplied enormously.
People often query whether I wear fake-lashes.

I've read in an online forum, that it does not work for everybody, but for me it definitely works and also for my Mum. I got it from a Make-up Artist and she uses it regularly.

It's easy to use - just like an eyeliner!
Use it daily after removing the make-up and cleaning - before using cream.

PS: You can see the result after using the serum for 6-8 weeks - so be patient!

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