Glossybox N° 1

Uuuuh, I got my first Glossybox yesterday!
Finally available in Austria!!

If you don't know what Glossybox is:
It's a "monthly-subscription" with 5 exclusive beauty products - normal or trial size.
The price is about 12 Euros incl. shipping. So you can try exclusive and high priced cosmetic without spending lot of money on regular sized products - which maybe does not come up to your expectations!

The first Glossybox is designed in THE color for Christmas: RED

This 5 products are in my Glossybox:

Maria Galland ~ HYDRA LIFT YEUX 100

Paul Mitchell  ~ Awapuhi Shampoo


O.P.I ~ french quarter for your thoughts

Biotherm - Bodylotion Lait Corporel

_ . _ . _


N° 1
My favorite definitely is the Lipgloss! The color is naturally and I love the shimmer. And the gloss-tube includes a special detail:

There are LED-lights at the applicator so you can refresh the lipgloss in the dark - perfect for long nights out at the clubs :))
Sad to say that it doesn't last very long.. But it's original size - so it's a very good deal!

N° 2
Maria Galland ~ HYDRA LIFT YEUX 100
I use a special creme for the area around the eyes regularly and I'm really happy about this one from Maria Galland because I know the brand and it's definitely good quality.
Looking forward to try it out!!

N° 3
Paul Mitchell  ~ Awapuhi Shampoo
I've never heard about this brand but for me this shampoo promises what I need for my hair: volume and moisture. I'll try it soon!!

N° 4
O.P.I ~ french quarter for your thoughts & Biotherm - Bodylotion Lait Corporel
These two products do not really excite me so for me they come at last. I already know the Biotherm bodylotion. It's moisturizing and the skin get's really smooth but the bodylotion is nothing new or special for me.
The size of the O.P.I nail polish is sooo cute but I don't like the color. After the second coat the color got a green touch. Maybe I don't like it because the color doesn't fit my pale skin, I think it looks better with tanned skin...

That's it - councluding I can say that I'm absolutely contented with my first Glossybox :)
Looking forward to the next one <3

xoxo, Maria

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