..one week till Christmas!

I'm like a little child when Christmas is coming close..
For me it's so special - I love everything around it and I don't understand why some people don't like the Christmas time.. Luckily the weather turned and we got snow - I'm so happy, I hope that we'll have white Christmas =)

Yesterday I bought another Christmas present - but this one is FOR ME :)

Two weeks ago Vicky from bikinis & passports posted about a D.I.Y.-project. She made a gorgeous necklace with white and silver pearls and I was instantly in love with it!!
I'm following Vicky's blog for more than a half year and she's so creativ and inspiring.
I asked her if she would make another necklace I could buy and she really did.
Yesterday I got the necklace and it's just that gorgeous like I imagined.

Vicky wrapped the necklace in pink paper <3

Perfect jewelry for Christmas Eve <3

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