~ OOTD ~ 28.12.2011 ~

Yesterday I met my friend Theresa at the Europark Salzburg - I just have to make 2 steps from the office to austrians favorite shopping mall .. I LOVE it - lots of possibilities to drink some coffee together or grab something new for the closet at the midday break :)

So we did yesterday - gossip & shopping <3

I only grab this light-pink sweater with silver threads at H&M were I had to wait in a 3-row-till queue because thousands of people (felt sense) wanted to make a snatch at the SALE or spend money or vouchers they got for Christmas...

I wanted to wear my new sweater immediately so I chose this outfit for today:

H&M: sweater
Zara: jeans
Saito: boots

(I apologize for the bad lighting and the selftimer-pics but it was about 6.30 a.m.)

xoxo Maria 

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