TCM breakfast

Recently my boyfriend and I went to a nutritionist. We want to change our eating habits a little bit, just for wellbeing. There are so many things you already know: you should avoid fast food, alcohol, sweets... eat more vegetables and fruits, less meat, drink 2 liter of water (or more..) per day..

But our nutritionist also look at it from a holistic point of view, not totally new for me, but a challenge for me when it comes to cook..

The most important thing we change is the "warm breakfast" like it's called at the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).

Our first "try out" was very simple and more tasty than expacted:

. boil oatmeal in some hot water ~ add cinnamon, coconut and almond slices, honey, walnut pieces and apple pieces to the warm mixture ~ ready .

Applies for the next 4 weeks:
  • no cow's milk
  • no eggs
  • no yeast
Not that strict for me, but I show my loyality to my bf <3

I definitely need more recipes for the healthy breakfast - going to buy the book "Das Powerfrühstück" (The Powerbreakfast) soon!!!

xoxo, Maria

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