belated birthday present..

It was in november, when my good friend Martina celebrated her birthday and my present for her was a "birthday brunch" at "Die Röhre" (translated: "the tube") just for us, without the boys. After much time searching for a date we finally fixed this monday, the 9th april.. 5 months after her birthday.. but better late than never!!

Prosecco for the girls Y

It was a hard decision between too many different breakfast-menues.. we chose "Brunetti" and "CarlaBruni" and shared a fruit salad - so yummy!!

breakfast eggs, cappuccino, orange juice, camembert,
scrambled eggs with pesto, ham, mozzarella and tomatos,
homemade strawberry jam, prosciutto, ciabatta bread,
olives, grilled grapefruit, fruit salad...


 My favorite: violet soda Y

Martina, I hope you enjoyed it :)

xoxo, Maria