Glossybox May

It's already June but the Glossybox from May arrived on May, 31st - not a moment to soon ;)

The last Glossybox was great so my expectations were high. But you know what happens then.. it doesn't satisfy my expectations.

What I got in my Glossybox:

01 - BIOTHERM Homme - Aquapower / Men Special for fathers day
02 - BM BEAUTY - Blusher incl. Brush
03 - ILLAMASQUA - Intense Lipgloss
04 - SPA RITUAL - Nailpolish
05 - ZOEVA - Forever Eye Crayon
06 - BEAUTYWATER - beautywater Q10
€ 10,- Zalando coupon

My boyfriend was happy about the BIOTHERM Homme - Aquapower, I'm using products of the BIOTHERM Aquasource range and he knows that I'm very pleased.

My favorite is Nr. 02 - the BM beauty mineral blusher, the brush is cute as an extra but I prefer natural and real hair brushes. Sad to say that you have to be very careful when took it up to the brush because the box is extremely small and I spilled a lot of it :(
But I love the soft shimmer it's adding to my cheeks Y

I also like the ZOEVA Forever Eye Crayon, the color "Blumine" didn't appeal me at the first sight but I tried it and I think it's matching with my eye color, easy to apply and the lasting is superlong and strong - definitely a great product!

The product I'm totally disappointed about is the ILLAMASQUA - Intense Lipgloss. The color "Absorb" is more like a concealer.. Sadly I got this one in my Glossybox, I saw other colors at the web I would prefer much more..

You know I'm addicted to nail polish so I was very happy about a new bottle from SPA RITUAL for my collection, but the color "helitrope" doesn't really hit my taste. This polish is vegan and produced without formaldehyde, what's really cool. It's easy to apply but the polish is chipping very fast. I'm not going to buy one..

Last but not least the "beautywater" with Q10.. What should I say?! I prefer pure and natural water, I think it's healthier than drinks like this.. I have no use for it.


I like:

BM BEAUTY - Blusher incl. Brush
ZOEVA - Forever Eye Crayon
I don't like/need:
ILLAMASQUA - Intense Lipgloss
SPA RITUAL - Nailpolish
BEAUTYWATER - beautywater Q10
The boyfriend likes:
BIOTHERM Homme - Aquapower / Men Special for fathers day

I'm not thinking about cancelling the Glossybox, but I hope the next one will be better!
xoxo Maria

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