.) homemade juice (.

Some weeks ago I made my first try to make my own juice. I saw a pretty interesting recipe and decided to give it a try.

Living in the countryside helps for a 'project' like these because I needed elderberry blossoms which grow wild at the forest edge behind our house.

Making my own homemade juice was very simple and I'm very happy with the result =)

What I needed for 3 liter / bottles:

elderberry blossoms
3 oranges (natural)
4 lemons (natural)
250 g strawberries
450 g sugar
10 g citric acid


a big bowl

Cut oranges and lemons in slices, mash strawberries and give it with the elderberry blossoms into the bowl. Fill up with cold water. Cover the bowl with a dishtowel and give it to a dark and cold place for 2 days.

After this 2 days sieve the juice, boil up shortly with sugar and the citric acid. Fill it into bottles while it's hot - DONE!!

Mix with water and serve the juice with a strawberry and mint leaves Y

Sadly I ony made 3 bottles, so my homemade juice is already drunk up.. I have to make more next year or maybe I'll try another one this summer :)

xoxo, Maria

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