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I got my June-Glossybox on Friday Y

This edition came in a special summer-design - sandy beige and ocean blue - so pretty and just a nice variation to the common pastell pink.

I got 6 products in my Glossybox - and I'm totally happy with the products. So much better than the last one!

I read that many girls are complaining about getting anti aging products because they are feeling to young for using it. But I think if you're in the mid-twenties you should start to prevent against the first signs of skin aging. It doesn't start with wrinkles, it starts with pale, dry and rough skin. Wrinkles are the result of that. Fo me it's important to take care about my skin now - not if it's too late!!

What I've got:

01 : ALESSANDRO nail polish - Happy Pink
02 : SANS SOUCIS - 'One Apple a Day' Anti Aging Firming Mask
03 : LA ROCHE POSSAY - Hydreane Legere Moisturizing Cream
04 : BABOR - Hydra Plus Active Fluid
06 : CLERASIL DAILY CLEAR - Vitamins & Extracts Peeling
06 : L'OREAL eye shadow - Beige Trench

: 01 :                                       : 02:
: 03 :                                       : 04:
: 05 :                                       : 06:

For me it's the perfect mix between high price and budget-friendly products. There is no product I don't like Y

The ALESSANDRO nail polish is cute, 'Happy Pink', is a nice addition to my collection. I've never tried ALESSANDRO before but I heard good things about it.

My favorites are the 'One Apple a Day' Anti Aging Firming Mask - it's smelling sooo good - and the BABOR - Hydra Plus Active Fluid. I'm always looking for good skin treatments which makes my skin better and I want to try them soon!!

I've known LA ROCHE POSSAY before and really liked it, but the - Hydreane Legere Moisturizing Cream is new for me. I like the smell and it's leaving a soft and light feeling on the skin.

I don't need the CLERASIL DAILY CLEAR - Vitamins & Extracts Peeling but my boyfriend is using it. He says he likes it, but after 3 days he can't say more about the effect yet..

Last but not least the L'OREAL eye shadow. Normally I don't use golden eye shadow but I like the combination of different but matching colors - an all-in-one-product for smokey eyes. But it's a little bit to glittery for me..

All in all I'm very happy with this Glossybox - can't wait to get the next one!!

xoxo, Maria

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