new in - ZARA SALE

After many days of waiting and trying to winkle some information out of the sales assistants the SALE at ZARA finally started last Thursday - guess where I went first in my lunch break! :)

What should I say.. I came out with a full shopping bag - and here are my bargains from ZARA SALE:

I'm so in love with this neon pink blazer - can't wait to wear my newest neon additon with a simple white shirt an blue jeans Y

This white blazer also puts a biiig smile on my face - so perfect for summer and matching just perfect to this patterned top I also found on the SALE stand.

Happy about this great pieces I decided to finish my midday-shopping-trip and went back to work. But on the way to the cash desk this bag catched my attention.. I couldn't resist and took it with me too..

Did you already get some bargains from summer sale??

xoxo Maria

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