Glossybox ~ September

Yay, the new Glossybox arrived on Thursday!! This month the Glossybox is BLUE - a special edition for the 'Oktoberfest'. A pretty nice idea :)

Today's the last day of September so I'm just in time with my post..

What I got in my box:

1 : AYUURI NATURAL - Neem Body Wash
(original size 6,15 € / 200 ml)
Never heard about the brand. The ingredients makes it smell refreshing:
peppermint-, eucalyptus-, tea tree- and neem-oil
I didn't know what neem-oil is so I had to google.. haha, very funny:
neem-oil is used as an insecticide, for example against lice!!!
Now I'm not sure about using it ;D

: BIOTHERM - Blue Therapy Serum
(original size 57,00 € / 30 ml)
I LOVE Biotherm, so I'm totally happy about this product in the box!
It's an anti-aging-product against wrinkles and pigmented spots,
I don't really need it but I'll use this 10 ml :)

: CLARINS - Eclat Minute Embellisseur Lèvres
(original size 16,00 € / 12 ml)
Smells like marshmallows - yummy!!
I love the super soft applicator of this super-mini lipglos!
Could be bigger..
: GLOSSYBOX - Lipstick in GLOSSY Pink
(original size 11,90 € / 4 ml)
Sadly this lipstick was delivered damaged!!!
But I was able to fix the lipstick back into the plastic so I can use it, because I like the color.
The lipstick is produced by Kryolan, ok, but didn't have Glossybox enough
products to give into the boxes?!?!?
: SYOSS - Oleo Intense Micro-Sprühkur
(original size 5,99 € / 150 ml)
Not bad, but not really a high-end-product I think...
I can buy Syoss in every drug store, but ok, it's original size so I don't complain about it.
I'll try this treatment for smooth hair but I'm not sure if it would work with
my super fine hair.. we'll see!
This box arrived a little late. Glossybox Austria advised the delivery for the
middle of September. Sadly they were a little late..
About the product choices:
For me it's ok, but I'm missing the "WOW-effect" a little bit..
2 original sizes, 2 samples - another good deal.
I like the Biotherm serum and the Clarins lipgloss.
BUT: Why are there 2 (!) lip-products in one box??
For me the Glossybox lipstick by Kryolan is a "filler"..
Whatever.. I'm looking forward to the next one :)

xoxo Maria

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