snippets #5 ~ life lately

Hellooo - it's halftime!!

Work keeps me busy at the moment and I'm looking forward to the weekend.. I have some plans and I hope I'll have time to take pictures or plan some outfits.. That's what I really want to do in the future: more 'real' pics, not just always INSTAPICS..

But in the meantime I'll show you some more pics I took with INSTAGRAM:

(5.1) a little gift for hardworking :)
(5.2) some red wine for after work
(5.3) my favorite sandals for hot days,
maybe there is no more chance to wear them this year..
(5.4) business outfit

(5.5) favorite hotpants <3 missing summer already
(5.6) jewelry storage - using the pretty 'glossyboxes'
(5.7) my first douglas-box-of-beauty
(5.8) off to work - very casual

(5.9) cozy sunday evening - a glass of martini royal & manicure
(5.10) bright & white for the office
(5.11) running in the morning, so proud of me..
(5.12) wine tasting with the family

xoxo Maria

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