snippets #6 ~ life lately

Two weeks have passed since my last INSTA-snippet-post so here are some new pics I want to share with you :) 

It's a little mix about my last days of summer, the first fall impressions and some bits and pieces of my life.

(6.1) beautiful austrian lake - so happy to live here!
(6.2) cute little neighbour-kitty
(6.3) cleaning out my wardrobe - making space for new stuff - THX to Theresa for helping!! :)
(6.4) kissed by the cutest dog ever <3

(6.5) O.P.I. Germany collection - I like the lower row
(6.6) OOTN - going out
(6.7) enjoying the sun on a late summer day
(6.8) taking a walk by a small lake

(6.9) beautiful sunrise on my way to work
(6.10) beautiful sundown - same day like the sunrise beside
(6.11) 1001 cookies - I've to try some new recipes soon!
(6.12) still searching for the perfect foundation

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xoxo Maria


  1. Schöner Blog.Lust auf ggs verfolgen?Würde mich freuen.:-)

  2. dankeschön :)
    lieb gemeint, ich schau mal vorbei!