snippets #7 ~ life lately

It's time to share some INSTA-pics again :)

This month was very busy, after being sick and staying at the hospital I had a lot to work off at the office. But there was still enough time to share some time with my loves, for some shopping and celebrating a good friends birthday.

(7.1) I've been sick and don't want to have this again..
(7.2.) neon stripes & armparty
(7.3) cutest sleeping dog - picasso <3
(7.4) super-kitschy christmas decoration in october...

(7.5) new favorite blouse (H&M)
(7.6) I love this view out of our living room
(7.7) my BF did a little shopping
(7.8) outfit for Theresa's birthday-party

(7.9) Hohensalzburg - from the south
(7.10) ready for party :)
(7.11) colors of fall
(7.12) yesterday we had the first snowfall of this winter
... time for some movies and couching ;)

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xoxo Maria

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